A Piece Of My Mind- The Infinite Power Within You

A Piece Of My Mind- The Infinite Power Within You

Hello, everyone. It has been a very long time since I have published and that’s because I have been quite busy, wish me luck in my endeavors. The reason I decided to add this piece is that I came across something that I really, from the bottom of my heart, wanted to share with as many people as possible. It’s something every individual, every soul is searching for. I don’t want to sound too dramatic but I found this thing to be pretty awesome and very applicable. Before you read this any further I have one single, simple request. Read the rest of what I have written with utmost sincerity, trust, and affection. Imagine yourself to be the heart eye emoji ha ha.

So what is the thing that everyone is searching for? well, the answer is simple. Every single human being on this planet wants to be ‘ liberated ‘. Ask yourself, don’t you? liberated of all the worries, liberated from disease and sorrow and sickness and every problem in the world. We all want to find ourselves, find out who we are, be successful, satisfied and want to live our lives to the fullest. These are universal needs, things that everybody wants. We all go through a point in our lives when we realize that we are not children anymore and we want to prove ourselves, find our passion, find love and find purpose in life. Even the most passive and laid back soul on this planet wants these things and is trying to figure out the ways to satisfy these needs.

The answer to being liberated and gaining all the love, peace, health, wealth and harmony is within you. Well, the distance to which you can take your success depends on you, but what I can guarantee is that the benefits and the gifts that you shall earn for yourself are going to be priceless and most fulfilling.

Coming down to more specific details, I am writing this based on my personal experience when I started reading the book “The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind” written by Doctor Joseph Murphy. I’m halfway through, but I am very happy with the changes that I have felt and seen. Maybe some of you have read the book, some may have heard about it, and the name may be completely new to some, but regardless I am going to explain the things that I have learned.

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The first and the most important thing I learned, is that one must know how our mind works. Being aware of the laws of the mind gives us a huge edge over many difficulties, which we will most likely face in the course our lives. The book begins by explaining that our mind is made of two parts, the outer or the ‘the conscious’ mind, which is the logical part that thinks and the one we can control. The inner part is called ‘ the subconscious ‘ mind, which we cannot consciously control and which is infinitely more powerful than the conscious mind, it is, however, amenable to suggestions. It is called the subconscious as it is ‘subjective’ to suggestions and being able to hone even a fraction of its capabilities can bring us tremendous benefits.

The other important fact is that it does not argue or differentiate like our conscious mind and accepts any suggestion given to it. The most important detail to keep in mind is that our inner mind or the subconscious accepts the dominant of any two ideas and acts to fulfill it. You are like the captain of a ship and your subconscious is the engine room with all the workers working twenty-four-seven. It doesn’t matter if the captain directs the ship in the right way or towards an iceberg, the workers will carry out the orders. Therefore one must be aware not to accept thoughts and ideas that are bad as our subconscious automatically works towards materializing it.

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