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A Piece Of My Mind- The Infinite Power Within You

A Piece Of My Mind- The Infinite Power Within You

Hello, everyone. It has been a very long time since I have published and that’s because I have been quite busy, wish me luck in my endeavors. The reason I decided to add this piece is that I came across something that I really, from the bottom of my heart, wanted to share with as many people as possible. It’s something every individual, every soul is searching for. I don’t want to sound too dramatic but I found this thing to be pretty awesome and very applicable. Before you read this any further I have one single, simple request. Read the rest of what I have written with utmost sincerity, trust, and affection. Imagine yourself to be the heart eye emoji ha ha.

So what is the thing that everyone is searching for? well, the answer is simple. Every single human being on this planet wants to be ‘ liberated ‘. Ask yourself, don’t you? liberated of all the worries, liberated from disease and sorrow and sickness and every problem in the world. We all want to find ourselves, find out who we are, be successful, satisfied and want to live our lives to the fullest. These are universal needs, things that everybody wants. We all go through a point in our lives when we realize that we are not children anymore and we want to prove ourselves, find our passion, find love and find purpose in life. Even the most passive and laid back soul on this planet wants these things and is trying to figure out the ways to satisfy these needs.

The answer to being liberated and gaining all the love, peace, health, wealth and harmony is within you. Well, the distance to which you can take your success depends on you, but what I can guarantee is that the benefits and the gifts that you shall earn for yourself are going to be priceless and most fulfilling.

Coming down to more specific details, I am writing this based on my personal experience when I started reading the book “The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind” written by Doctor Joseph Murphy. I’m halfway through, but I am very happy with the changes that I have felt and seen. Maybe some of you have read the book, some may have heard about it, and the name may be completely new to some, but regardless I am going to explain the things that I have learned.

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The first and the most important thing I learned, is that one must know how our mind works. Being aware of the laws of the mind gives us a huge edge over many difficulties, which we will most likely face in the course our lives. The book begins by explaining that our mind is made of two parts, the outer or the ‘the conscious’ mind, which is the logical part that thinks and the one we can control. The inner part is called ‘ the subconscious ‘ mind, which we cannot consciously control and which is infinitely more powerful than the conscious mind, it is, however, amenable to suggestions. It is called the subconscious as it is ‘subjective’ to suggestions and being able to hone even a fraction of its capabilities can bring us tremendous benefits.

The other important fact is that it does not argue or differentiate like our conscious mind and accepts any suggestion given to it. The most important detail to keep in mind is that our inner mind or the subconscious accepts the dominant of any two ideas and acts to fulfill it. You are like the captain of a ship and your subconscious is the engine room with all the workers working twenty-four-seven. It doesn’t matter if the captain directs the ship in the right way or towards an iceberg, the workers will carry out the orders. Therefore one must be aware not to accept thoughts and ideas that are bad as our subconscious automatically works towards materializing it.

The real world proof of this fact is….drumroll….. advertisements! ba dum thees!!. Like I wrote in a previous blog of mine, that the ads we see good or bad, captivating or dull gets registered in our subconscious and stays there, and when we see that product elsewhere we get a sense of familiarity and seem to like it, not knowing that our subconscious has been trained to like it. Don’t get furious at the ads, it is the extent of our understanding, that makes us unknowingly like the things we see, or makes us able to choose to like or dislike them. It is evident that our subconscious can be trained and we must look for ways to make it strong by accepting positive ideas. In the next few lines, I will explain how it’s done.

The most simple way can be found in the advertisements themselves. We know that they are repeated again and again, in the same way, make the positive affirmations and the positive suggestions repeatedly in your mind. It may or may not be true but repetition impresses our subconscious and the idea is accepted. Yus! how wonderful. Repetition is one the simplest and the most effective way to train our subconscious. Now that we have learned a thing or two about how our mind works let’s see the health benefits that it can give us.

The second law of the mind goes along with the saying “As a man thinketh in his heart so is he”. It states that our health or physical state is a reflection of our thought life. Nothing appears on our body without the corresponding mental pattern being formed, in the first place. Many of us are oblivious to the fact that our subconscious has complete control over our body.

To prove this Doctor Murphy takes the example of hypnotic suggestions. Suppose a person is allergic to roses, he or she is put into a hypnotic state and a plastic flower is kept in front, with the practitioner saying that the plastic flower is a rose. The person will then develop all the allergic symptoms, as the subconscious believes that the body is in contact with an allergy-inducing entity, and acts accordingly.

In another a case, a perfectly sober man is told that he is drunk. The person then acts the part of a drunkard to the best of his abilities (video ). These experiments show that the subconscious has immense control over our physical conditions. Further examples of a doctor named James Esdaille are given, who in times predating anesthetics, performed successful surgeries with no infections in his patients, purely by the use of hypnosis.

In the hypnotic state, the conscious or reasoning mind is at rest and our subconscious is completely open to suggestions. Treatment by hypnosis is not convenient for all so the best time to make these affirmations is before we go to sleep and after we wake up. In a sleepy state, our logical defenses are at their weakest and affirmations are better seated in our subconscious. The time before bed is considered more fruitful as the entire period of our sleep is used by our subconscious to bring the suggestions to fruition.

Now let us talk about these positive suggestions which in doctor Murphy’s words are called as ‘scientific prayers’. These prayers can be made by each individual and must be said word for word every time they are recited. One important thing, about which one needs to be careful while writing these prayers, is that one must not refer to the ailments by name. By naming them, we acknowledge their presence thus making them stronger because the sap from which these diseases draw life is our fear towards them.

So a person must not pray saying that my blood pressure is normalizing or that my kidney stone is withering away. Instead, one must affirm health and must say something like this. ‘ My body and all its organs were created by the infinite intelligence of my subconscious and it is natural to assume that it can heal its own handiwork. All the cells, tissues and organs in my body are in perfect harmony and I am in perfect health.’ Make up a prayer suited for you and say it daily with all your love and faith.

Healing done by relics or saints, healers, priests, faith healing, work on the same principle and can be performed by all individuals who know its simple way of working. Now that physical health is covered let’s move towards mental health.

Mental health is something that is widely ignored or misunderstood. Although it is critically important for our well-being, there is a lack of understanding and a lot of stigmas associated with it. To keep ourselves mentally sound we can use similar scientific prayers to change the negative patterns in our mind. The negative mental patterns in us are present due to bad experiences and mostly due to negative verbal conditioning. Negative verbal conditioning is one of the most harmful of all negative suggestions.

When one is young, the mind is a clean slate and while growing up one hears things like, oh you can’t do this, you can’t do that, you’ll fail, you’ll never amount to anything and so on. A young mind is more susceptible to suggestions and does not know how to reject the negative conditioning. When that child grows up the suggestions keep working and not knowing how to reject negative suggestions even as an adult can be very harmful.

If you have been away from all these things considering yourself very lucky, but if you have faced them, you can change all of that. You weren’t born with all these fears you know, all your doubts, problems and everything that troubles you came from somewhere. It’s not a part of you, so you can choose to remove it. With those prayers and with the knowledge of how your mind works, remove the negativeness and stay immune to all that come your way.

You can even change your natural state of your mind. If you have a nasty temper or if you are full of anxiety, proper conditioning of the subconscious can change how you behave. It is similar to CBT or cognitive behavioral therapy. Again, write down a prayer which goes something like this ‘ From now on I shall grow more good-humored and confident. Joy, happiness, and cheerfulness are now becoming my normal states of mind.

Every day I am becoming more and more lovable and understanding. I will be a center of cheer and goodwill to all those around me, infecting them with my good spirits. This happy, joyous and cheerful mood is now becoming my normal natural state of mind and my wit and my will shall be at their sharpest when I need them to be. I am grateful.’ This way one can change their behavior and how one responds to situations, there will be no need to force anything as the natural responses themselves will get better.

The next law states that our subconscious is connected to all of time and space and is eternally present everywhere and can materialize our thoughts. Well, this statement may seem far stretched and outlandish to some, but many out there might be familiar with this notion. The things which one wants with pure desire and faith will be brought to fruition by their subconscious.

There are multiple real life incidents cited in the book that show people who prayed for miracles and got them. The things which one asks must be inclined towards good so that it is naturally backed by the subconscious. One also cannot smoke cigarettes all day long and hope to have a long and healthy life using affirmations, these affirmations work under the rules of nature. So one cannot affirm health while sticking to the unhealthy habits or get carried away and ask for superpowers ha ha.

Building your subconscious is like building your home. You will use the best materials for your home and will want the blueprint to be followed precisely. Similarly, if your mental building blocks are negative then they will come forth as toil, fear, anxiety, and worry but if you keep them positive they will resonate that positiveness, and your mind will be strong and sharp from the inside.

Always remember a few things, nothing external can hurt or harm you without your mental consent and what you want is within you and it can bring your thoughts to life, on the screen of space and time. Believe in good, in positiveness, in health, in harmony, joy, and abundance for it is foolish to believe in sickness and the morbid things, as they only exist if you acknowledge their existence.

The saying ‘the modern straight-line thinker looks upon God as the infinite intelligence within their subconscious mind ‘ is indeed true. With the proper understanding of the mind one can be free, reaching new levels of consciousness and self-improvement and can express oneself truly and completely through his/her work, words and actions and that, I believe is the true meaning of life.

I hope that I have been able to convey these ideas and I may have crunched in too many things here but take your time and read it as many times as you can. I believe that a majority of the people reading this will go ahead and buy the book. I still have half of it to go through and I am certain that many amazing things will come to light. It’s an extremely popular book and can be found in almost every bookstore around you, if not you can definitely get it online. Also, I would like you to see a video that I found very interesting. It’s Bruce Lee’s philosophy of flow and crash, which shows his philosophies.

In the end I would like to say that I may not write regularly because I am busy, I’m up to all sorts and no good haha, but if I get some ideas, I will surely carve out time and try to paint my thoughts with words along with high hopes that you will like them. So until next time, be happy be healthy and as always I am happy that you took some time and read a piece of my mind.