Physics of Souls and Haloes


Though we can’t see the souls of other people but if we assumed that our souls can see them and assumed that they may be also generating retinal signals as our retina should have generated had our eyes been seeing haloes around the head of any person – do you doubt that we shall think that we are actually seeing the “haloes”?

Well, this could be the only way how we could see the haloes – in their all brisk colours. 

Besides it, if the haloes are created by our soul in this manner, it also construes that which colour of halo may signify which sort of soul that should have got interned may not depend on any universal pattern because no such universal pattern is known to exist.

It may depend more on the perceptions of the person whom his soul may be showing the haloes of others, such as – an orange (or ochre) halo in case of the soul of a pious and a god-fearing person, a blue halo for the soul of a research-oriented person and a red halo in case of the soul of a culprit or a Mafiosi or whatsoever.

But we have to keep our fingers crossed until we get a word from the scientific community about it.