Spiritual Meanings Behind Physical Aches, Pains, And Illnesses

The Spiritual Meanings

16. Feet

Our feet represent our connection with Mother Earth. Sore, swollen, numb, or painful feet represent the state of our relation with our Mother. Mother Earth, and our base energies. While it is legs that carry us forward into life, it is the feet that actually make contact with the ground and can stop any advance, or at least make it difficult. In modern society with its asphalt, concrete, and High Rises, we lose touch with the Earth and its energies. This may be reflected in our relationship with the one who gave birth to us. Separation can cause real pain.

All the Leg Yin & Yang channels meet and flow into each other in the toes. This is an area of high energy and a strong effect on the body. This is an area where strong energies are in transition, so our contact with Mothers, Mother Earth, and our base energies is always ambivalent. We want to draw closer to that love, but at the same time move away on our own course.

In my experience, the feet often store toxic energies (as often to do with grief or resentments as not), as far away from the Heart as possible. This means, in the feet. Often, these are issues that go all the way back to childhood. Lacking the tools to effectively release grief or resentment the body stores it, like it stores fat. Over time, more and more toxic energies are stored here and fill up the receptacle.

In many cases, the entire leg can become involved and the waste starts leaking back into the system. This is a very serious situation indeed, that can lead to amputations, blood disorders, and even death, as the body struggles to protect the Heart. Metaphysically, it becomes clear that the space you are standing in is painful.

The key is to move on. Stop dwelling on the past, release, or transform whatever it is that keeps you emotionally standing still. Based on his observation and understanding of spiritual meanings behind physical aches, Louise Hay suggests that feet represent our understanding of ourselves, of Life, and others and toes represent minor details of the future.

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Spiritual meaning behind aches or pains in your Torso

Spiritual Meanings Behind Physical Aches, Pains, And Illnesses
Spiritual Meanings Behind Physical Aches, Pains, And Illnesses

17. Throat

The throat represents our Will, and our ability to communicate, both with others and with ourselves. Sore throats, lumps in the throat, tumors all represent difficulties in saying what we want to say. Lumps, both physical tumors and those that are non-manifest (Hystericus Globus) are our willful attempts to block free expression of emotion and of our identity. The throat is another one of those weak links that can seduce or sabotage you from your path. The throat is the channel between the head and the heart.

In Chinese Medicine, it is said the heart houses the mind, especially in its connection with the emotion of joy and the expression of love for ourselves and for others. Have you ever had a great idea, gotten your body motivated, put your heart into it, only to say something completely stupid which makes a mess of things?

Have you ever felt the urge to say something complimentary and suppressed it? Have you ever just blurted out something that just seemed to by-pass the brain? How often does a careless or ill-chosen word create havoc in your life? Where this comes from is all the things you have not said over the years that get stuck in the throat, needing to get out, and out they come, one way or the other.

All emotions are designed to be expressed, even the ones we judge to be negative and especially the ones we judge to be positive. Louise Hay calls the throat an avenue of expression and a channel of creativity. Problems indicate an inability to speak up for one’s self, swallowed anger, stifled creativity and refusal to change. Thyroid problems indicate difficulty in analyzing, digesting, and assimilating the communication between the head and the heart.

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