Photographic Memory Test: Can You Pass This Extremely Difficult Quiz

Phenomenal Photographic Memory Quiz

Do you have a photographic memory? If you think you have excellent vision and a photographic memory then here is your chance to put them to the test.

How long can you hold an image in your mind just looking at it for a very short amount of time? If you can well retain the image even after a brief exposure, then you are one with an excellent photographic memory. According to some studies, only a small percentage of children and a smaller amount of adults have this ability. 

According to the puzzle site PlayBuzz, only 1% of the population can pass this exact test. It’s definitely more challenging than the usual offerings and it combines several methods to see how well you can remember small, but important, details.  

The photographic memory test comes in the form of a series of images to test your brainpower and intelligence against your mates. To be more accurate it tests your eidetic memory, which is the ability to recall images without using any mnemonic device.

Although eidetic memory and photographic memory are terms used interchangeably, they differ in meaning. Eidetic memory refers to the ability to view memories like photographs for a few seconds or minutes while photographic memory is the ability to recall pages of text or numbers or other things in great detail.

Are you ready?

Take this quiz and see if you’re among the tiny minority who can actually pass it.

Let us know the results in the comments!

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Phenomenal Photographic Memory Quiz Pin

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