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An emoji. A smiling face emoji. A F**KING EMOJI.

What the hell is this?

This has gone too far. I am going to kill whoever is messing with me.

Just as I start typing a reply I feel my fingers come to an abrupt stop. My body freezes as the temperature in the room starts to drop rapidly. I start gasping for air as the room gets filled with a vile suffocating stench. I feel like death is breathing over my neck as I hear the main door creaking open agonizingly slowly. Wait…wasn’t it locked? I feel an indescribable fear grasp me as I realize the phone was indeed in her pocket the whole time. And so was the spare key to the house.

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Frozen with fear, I fix my gaze at the open bedroom door. I hear slow, heavy footsteps dragging across the corridor. I can hear my throbbing heart beat faster and faster in the stillness of the night. I try to move. I can’t. I try to breathe. I barely manage. I see a long, thin anamorphic shadow fall at my bedroom wall. She…is here. I can feel her.


She whispers. I cry. Tears glide down my eyes as fear grasps me from within. I can hear her inhuman breaths coming from the corridor. I try to move again. I try to run. But I can’t. 


I hear a raspy whisper. But it’s not her voice anymore. My eyes burn as I keep them peeled and fixed at the bedroom door. I see her face twisting demonically at a distorted angle as she comes and stands at the doorway. Her lower jaw still missing. Watching her spectral silhouette standing there, I feel a sharp shooting pain in my chest as if a burning knife is being stabbed repeatedly. She laughs like a maniac. I die inside. She stops laughing. The silence in the room is now even more dreadful than her crazed laughter. I wait for her to do something. But she just stands there. Patiently and disturbingly still. I can feel her dead cold eyes leering into my soul.

I try to apologize. I can’t speak. As she crouches to the ground, I feel my body collapse with fear. But why are my eyes still open? Why can’t I shut them? I just want to sleep. I just want to die. But death wouldn’t be so easy for me. And she was here to make sure of that. As she stands on all fours and starts crawling towards me…everything turns completely dark.

Bzzzt! Bzzzzzt! Bzzzt Bzzzzzt!

I jump up at my bed and breathe heavily. The sunlight is blinding me. I look away and look around the room. She’s not here. I’m still alive. I feel my phone vibrate. But it isn’t. Still, I check my phone. Nothing. I mean there’s nothing. There are no texts from Natalie. Wait! What the hell? The inbox is completely empty. There are no texts from her since she died. How can this be? What’s going on here? I’ve been awake every single night for the past 3 weeks all because of these goddamn texts. But now there’s nothing. Was I imagining everything? Am I…am I going crazy here? I saw her last night. She was here. Only she wasn’t. Sleep deprivation can make you crazy they said. I need to stop hallucinating. I need to sleep.

I don’t remember how long I stared blankly at the wall before I realized what I needed to do. But when I knew, I was sure about it. I need to sleep. It’s time her parents knew the truth. They deserved to know where their daughter is. And so do the cops. I need to sleep. This needs to end now. 

I HAVE to sleep.

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