10 Personality Traits Of The Misunderstood Gemini

10 Personality Traits About The Misunderstood Gemini

A Gemini is so good at getting other people to do things for them, that they will also make them feel that it was their idea in the very first place! If that is not smooth-talking, then what is?


8. They can be extreme when it comes to their emotions.

When it comes to their emotions, a Gemini doesn’t know what middle-ground means. Either they are extremely happy or extremely sad. As human beings, they are intensely emotional, which sometimes makes other people misconstrue it as annoying.

The honest truth is they are always very in-tune with their emotions. That is why their highs can make them feel euphoric, whereas their lows can make them feel defeated and emotionally exhausted.

Personality Traits Of Gemini
Personality Traits Of Gemini

9. They have a sarcastic sense of humor.

Geminis are famous for having a dry and sarcastic sense of humor. Trust them to be the ones to break the tension with their trademark humor and make everyone laugh their pants off.

At times, their jokes might go over a lot of people’s heads but people sharing their quintessential sense of humor will always be able to appreciate them.


10. They have an all-or-nothing attitude in love.

When it comes to love and relationships, Geminis go all in. Generally, they hesitate to let people in, but once they do, they give their all to make it work.

They put in all those efforts that are possible for them, and keep no stone unturned in making sure that the relationship stands the test of time.

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Geminis are genuine and honest people with a heart of gold, and if you have one of them in your life, then consider yourself lucky! They are one of the best and loyal people you will ever come across.

If you want to know more about the personality traits of a Gemini, then check out this video below:

10 Personality Traits About The Misunderstood Gemini
10 Personality Traits About The Misunderstood Gemini


4 thoughts on “10 Personality Traits Of The Misunderstood Gemini”

  1. I to am a Gemini, that is about as accurate description of my way of looking at, how I carry on in my life. Thanks for the heads up on my world as a full blown Gemini. Rock on! I would love to have a copy of your the whole article to post on my wall where I like to draw, and play my guitar. I’m 66 years old,would Love to have a copy.

  2. You know…I would like to take time to appreciate the fact that this says Traits of the misunderstood gemini..ive been asked several times what is my zodiac sign. I always have the comment “oh your a gemini?!?”
    So..for this thank you Alexandra Hall! You daaaa best!! Aye!

  3. Thank u I related 99% with u about us gemini wonders. But sadly will also tend to make the worst mistakes there is which does at least me personally .Tears away a piece of urself that can be never mended.eg, in a relationship that still 2day will always be my greatest love causes me pain and sadness ever day.which I accept without complaint.

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