Perfect Daughter

Perfect Daughter

I will be a perfect daughter that’s what a girl thinks.

But really is it possible because at times when I am a perfect daughter I lose myself. Being a perfect daughter, I should be obeying my parents respect their choices while ignoring my desires. But then I am being an independent person with strong opinions and choices fail to understand what to choose. How can I ever make such a decision of choosing between myself and my parents?

I am here because of them its was their decision their choice. They named me, the name by which i introduce myself to the world. What to wear where to go what all to do was their decision. The decision taken when I was enjoying myself with wow that barbie can change hair colours.

I grew under their protection and guidance they made me who I am today. And today when I can think and take decisions I must make a choice. What should I choose?

All my life they helped me take decision, responsibilities and gave me power to choose my path. But today I am confused with this decision and choice. Both are important and never I thought that I would have to take such decision but here I am taking one.

I wonder if it happens only to me or there are people in this world who must make same kind of choices. Yes, I am what I am because of them but then two people can take decision for one life. I also have dreams for myself whereas they also have dreams since they were expecting me. Their dreams are older than mine but that should make their dreams higher priority than mine. Really?

Confusion is what people name it. But I call it a difficult situation where I am fighting with myself. I wanted to perfect daughter and I want to follow my thoughts. So, should a perfect daughter fail, or this independent woman should take a decision.?

If I become a perfect daughter I lose the hope of being an independent woman giving in the demand of family as a woman must do. If I chose to be a independent women I lose their trust, faith and believe in me.

I can’t explain to them sometimes my situation as they can’t think like that. But then I belong to different generation. They taught me many things but then I also taught myself many things. It’s not a debate that someone will win, and someone will lose but then still it’s a difficult situation which I should face.

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