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People With A Purpose

Good morning. We are all going through this challenging time of many events of the virus. It’s affecting us in every way of our normal whatever that is for you. To all who is turned in, continue to stay focus on loving your love ones more every minute you can. No one knows who’s life will be taken or spared. I’m grateful, to be able to pass on this message to wonderful, beautiful blessed human beings. Stay safe, healthy as much as you can, keep your distance so that you can help save each other’s lives. Cherish each other with love, not anger out of fear. Being angry, won’t stop the Virus attacks on our love ones. Talk to each other when in fear or angry to get some release. To function in a much better headspace. Use this time to bond as a family to educate each other on ways to stay safe. Teach your children while they’re not in school good habits to practice like never before so they can stay healthy and clear of the virus. Babies, are still being born into this world trying to adjust to a new involvement. Our young children, who are not in school or just starting are affected as well. Grandparents, who started the generation are passing every day from all over. I say this to say Please be mindful, feed your soul with love, compassion, empathy and forgiveness. Your energy needs to be positive for the world to survive this tremendous server deadly virus. Stay forever blessed and positive beautiful people.

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