People who have walked out of your life

People who have walked out of your life

Stop assessing your value and worth by the amount of people who have walked out of your life.
– Nikita Gill

I would say, the more successful you are, (as a person, an individual), the more people you lose.

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  1. Hard not too. But wisdom in this. I personally have gone through “if only I had done things differently, if only I was different”. Then it hit me I was not accepting who I was on these “if only” thoughts. I decided to choose me and let go of who did not. It is OK, you carry on.

  2. … actually it goes both ways and that is why it cannot be used to gadge any kind of success. The issue is the same at both end of the spectrum, oil and vinegar don’t mix !!!

  3. Inspiring and encouraging! 🙂 How helpless and bewildered a loving heart is rendered after being forsaken or abandoned…! Life seems disillusioned and self worth dismantled! Only the one who has lived through such a devastating experience can tell about what it feels to face such agony! During these phases, one finds WHOLE & SOLE rescue at the feet of ALMIGHTY, who unconditionally serves as our patient counsellor, accepts us in worst of tears, rage and disappointment!

  4. Well I think "successful" is pretty subjective, but I would say the more individual we are, the more people we lose, because individuals have their own way of doing things, while the sheep of the world prefer to stay away from us – they can't handle someone who doesn't follow their mainstream thinking and acting.

  5. i have lost my all friends,..coz i got chance to admit myself into a medical college…now they are my ex-friends..but i feel really can a friend feel jealous in his/her friend's success? i wanna say one thing,this kind of people are not worthy to be one's friend..

    1. I was just joking about the jinxing : )

      I thought that they de-friended me, but they just deactivated their account (temporarily, I think).

      I met her on here. She's young. It could be her parents want her off or maybe she needs a break or misunderstood something I said?

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