5 Types of People to Keep Around In Life (and 5 to avoid)

People Keep Around In Life

2) The Gossiper

Is there a person you know loves bitching about anyone and everyone you know? No matter how funny or interesting their stories may seem, they just enjoy describing even the slightest shortcoming in others in an extremely bad light. After you have allowed yourself to tolerate their shit, be sure once they turn their back they will start talking about you. These people are toxic and can burden your soul with intense negativity.

3) The Naysayer

Socializing with them is the most strenuous thing. They are so negative that they cannot ever see anything good coming out of whatever is happening or about to happen. For them, everything is bound to fall apart. They are bitter and angry. When you have a pessimist around they will constantly tell, you will not be successful. In their company, you will gradually lose positivity and change to be fearful and anxious.

4) The Complainer

There is no end to the drama in the lives of these people. They like to seek negative attention from people by projecting themselves as unfortunate. These individuals have the habit of complaining about everything even if it is related to someone else’s life. They draw a similarity between their life and another person’s life. Spending time with them is absolute wastage because they love so much playing the victim that they have nothing good to offer.

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5) The Know-It-All

This person is one who would like to give his expert comments on everything, but won’t ever care to check their factual correctness. It is difficult to tolerate them, as with time we come to know they are not the knowledgeable intellectuals they pose themselves to be. They have this intense need to project themselves as superior to others and in doing so they use their half-knowledge to make others feel stupid. They take advantage of your lack of knowledge in a certain area and lie with extreme confidence.

Be in the company of people who can fill you with positivity and help you to bring out the best in your personality. Identify those people who feed off your emotional needs and circumstances. Don’t be affected by the negativities people try to instill in you, rather try to be with folks who inspire you and bring joy.

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