7 Reasons People Stay In A Marriage That Doesn’t Work

marriage that does not work

c. You don’t want to disappoint or let your extended family down. “My family will never speak to me again if I divorce. They all love him.”

It’s painful to consider divorce, and sometimes it is easier to just accept the way things are. But how long will that work?

7. The Way Things Are Isn’t All That Bad.

a. You are comfortable with the familiar, even if it is problematic. “Yes, he gets enraged, but he always calms down eventually.” “It is okay most of the time, and only awful some of the time.” “I guess I am just used to the way things are.”

b. You tell yourself you can look elsewhere to get your needs met. “As long as I can see my friends and flirt a bit with other people, I can deal with the problems at home.”

c. You don’t want to “upset the apple cart.” “Even though we argue, I have been learning to just withdraw and not engage with her when she is angry.” “We seem okay just as friends, with no romance, but I guess it is enough for me.”

Do any of these sound familiar to you? I have written previously about finding the clarity to decide to divorce.

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Many people who choose to stay in unhappy marriages have good reasons. This is a decision arrived at thoughtfully. It is possible to make a clear decision to divorce. If you feel stuck, remind yourself that you always have a choice. If you choose to stay, try to do whatever you can to make things better or try to accept that this is the marriage you have chosen.

If you do choose to leave your relationship, be sure that you have made a well-thought-through decision. And then consider an alternative dispute resolution process such as mediation or Collaborative DIvorce to have the healthiest divorce you can.

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7 Reasons People Stay In A Marriage That Doesn't Work
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