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People Require Different Levels Of Privacy

people require different levels of privacy

People require different levels of privacy and different levels of personal space. Now because not everyone is private in nature and because some people do not need a lot of personal space, we can all unintentionally sometimes violate other’s privacy or personal space which is understandable to a certain extent. But if someone specifically asks you to give them their personal space or respect their privacy, it does not mean they don’t trust you or they don’t enjoy your company, it simply means they value their privacy and their personal space, just because you can not relate does not invalidate their need. If you, therefore, insist on violating their will after they explicitly tell you, then that simply means you do not respect them enough.

Cheryl Payne

I am a former journalist and a freelance blogger with over 7 years of professional experience. Being an introvert, my preferred topics include personality types and introversion.View Author posts