People in our lives

People in our lives are vital

They teach us, shape us, support us and hurt us

Put us up, bring us down, push us or drag us

Some stay, some leave and other we abandon

No matter how short or long the time we know them for

No matter how big or small the encounter between us

And despite the fact that you never really know if you chose them or they chose you….

People always make a difference;

Their souls, presence, absence, energies, minds, laughs, scream, voices…

There is always an impact… and that impact, impacts who we become…

We call them and label them but it is never indicative enough of who they really are to us,














Can someone be all? Off course…

Can someone be all for good?? Hardly…

Can someone be for me exactly what I am for them??? Almost never…

They will always be what we make them be and what we like in our minds to believe they are

But that is not fair! Not to us and never to them…

It is only fair to accept them, challenge them, care for them, embrace them and let them be…

It is only fair to take what they have got to give… no pressure

It is only fair to admire their being and their choices

It is only fair to love them unconditionally even when they turn on us…

It is only fair to be neutral towards them if that is exactly what they seek

It is only fair to let life teach them the lessons they need to learn

It is only fair to stay around but cut them loose

It is only fair to not question their doings or choices, regardless how we decide to react to them

It is only fair for it is exactly what we want from people!

I have been blessed in my life with all sorts of people and with so many types of love…

and I am mostly grateful for…

Those who hurt me and those who let me be

Those who did all they could and didn’t wait for me to ask

Those who got out of their way to reach out despite the distances

Those who never spared a chance to be people in my life

And off course those who embraced me mentally while they couldn’t understand me!

I love the people in my life… all the time… at all times… for all the reasons that they are J

On the other hand, I am still eager to meet a few more people can stir the flow…

GOD GRANT ME SOME ‘flow stirring’ PEOPLE!!


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  1. A very well-developed post with step by step read through on “People in our lives”
    The way you explained each with details and maintained good balance between theory and practice is really commendable.

    Have a super fabulous day.

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