People Don’t Like Love

People don ‘t like love, they like that
flittery flirty feeling. They don ‘t love
love – love is sacrificial, love is
ferocious, it ‘s not emotive. Our culture
doesn ‘t love love, it loves the idea of
love. It wants the emotion without
paying anything for it.
Matt Chandler

27 thoughts on “People Don’t Like Love”

  1. could be true to a certain extent…THE TAJ MAHAL is one true example of love, & there are other examples too, but in sync with the times…love is now out in the cold…its not like it was in the times of yore, jeez, even my grand parents weren’t born at that time, they weren’t even in liquid form…

  2. Love is for entities and souls.. others superficial emotions and relationships masquerading as ‘love ‘ are for Fakes or emotionally immature people with ‘special needs ‘ like sex, flirting, company, energy around.. etc true love is Sacrifice and Melt, yes. not everyone can give that.

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