The Problem Is That People Are Being Hated When They Are Real

The Problem Is That People Are Being Hated When They Are Real

The problem is that people are being hated when they are real, and loved when they are fake.

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  1. If you start out by expressing your authentic self, the first thing you may come across is opposition from others for your "weird", abberant ways. Some kids are teased by their peers for not conforming to the adult world's standards. Those same kids, if they remain steadfast instead of becoming angry or fearful, grow up to be originals, finding joy in their existence and abilities. They attract to them people that think and feel the same as they. They even gain attention from the teasers. But they embrace their true selves soonest among society. The love they get comes from within. Yet that same love grows strongly enough to affect others outside themselves, and so they get love from without, as well. Hate may be a problem at first, but not at last.

  2. i like the part when the no.of people around you dramatically vanishes the moment you start behaving true to yourself. there was a time i want to be remembered, wanted and loved but now I've realized that all these sweet pleasures can only come from within oneself. it all starts by being real and believe in yourself and facing boldly whatever life throws at you.

  3. My personal view is Are we really Real to our own self; leave the People, the Society, they are secondary. I think we are not even Real ourselves at times, what to blame others. And I will include myself

  4. Its true- people are loved for being fake & hated for being real (authentic)
    Faking is optional & a choice!
    Being fake just to get around smoothly included…
    It is a matter of ones priorities & perspectives on what is Really Important to each individual.
    (Doesn't make *anyone elses choices- wrong or right)

    Me~ I'd rather be alone,
    then to sacrifice my core self of fully being ME…rather than fitting into societies accepted standards of normalcy amongst the masses!
    you will be alone quite often, mocked, laughed at, disliked, misunderstood, categorized & become a outcast in the world……
    I am okay with that too,
    my quality of life HAS real meaning & purpose & peace within ME..when I stay authentic & grounded/aligned in my own truths.
    I say what I mean, and mean what I say (without trying to intentionally causing harm to others)
    -my actions validate my words…and I am a accept me or leave me kinda girl…
    My physical appearance- weeds out the closed minded & judgemental & superficial rather quickly- ( I am ) is their loss & that's not being arrogant or narcissistic- it has taken much effort n pain in my journey, to get to that statement of understanding/improvement!!!

  5. It is partially true. People are being hated when they are real and loved when they are fake. In our Indian society people don't try to go to the bottom of any problem . We just like to polish superficially or some how try to manage the situations. In the same way when speak the truth which is harsh or bitter in nature or which expose the naked truth of our society by being real , we are either avoided or being hated. But when we don't try the expose the ground reality of any situation or any problem, we are loved though we are fake. In every stratum of society , a tendency to hide the truth is observed . From Govt office to public vehicle or Govt. run health care system, every where if you support the system by being fake or blind you will be loved. Otherwise our condition is like Galileo, the great Italian Scientist .

  6. It's human nature to love " fake " and avoid the truths. You can tell a person how you understand and give them truthful advice. Yet their minds are already hot wire to continue to believe in a fake illusion. You can try to hint them but they will have to come around and eventually understand.

  7. Maybe because everything is topsy turvy ,

    People were created to be loved. Things were created to be used.
    The reason why the world is in chaos is because things are being loved and people are being used.

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