Peel Back My Layers One Page At A Time

Karen MacLeod

Peel back my layers
one page at a time
as I read my life story to you.
Please don’t quit halfway.
You will see all of me
at the end.

Ravina Jain

Split me into two,
and you will know what I hold,
Words of wisdom,
and stories untold;
Many pages yet to be read,
Many journey’s yet to be lead,
Reading is the food
to my mind and soul~
A part of my identity
that makes me whole!

Karthik Parthasarathy

A book
Fills you up,
Makes you whole.
Chooses the pages,
To plug life’s holes.
Stitches together,
Experiences for life,
What more would you want?
Nothing that I can gather.

Sulekha Pande

We become,
what we read.

Rinku Shah

A number of books
you have read,
A lot has been said.
Take a moment, wait…
It’s never too late.
There will be someone who
wants to read you like a book,
Not just take a look.
Feel every layer,
Forget the naysayer
It’s your turn now,
Take a bow!

Nancy Shurkoff

My story lies deep within my being.
If you really want to know me,
you must bust open my binding
and dive deep inside of me.
That’s where the adventure
of me truly begins.

Debra Pry

He was the words that he wrote.
Written upon his naked soul.
And ready to bleed into life.

Ramya Raghuraman

The books you read
say a lot about you

Barbara Bauer

To me you are
an open book.

Swati Chauhan

Read Me Like A Book

I’m not a story that can be told,
I’m not an anecdote that can be sold.

I’m not covered in vibrance as a magazine,
I’m plain and monostyled and lacks sheen.

I’m not a newspaper that you can pick and throw,
I’m not on Kindle that you can easily download.

I’m with scratches and pages torned,
But I am unique and these I adorn.

The leaves might come off so handle gently,
Flip through them to find new chapters of me.

To open myself up, immense courage it took,
So if you want to read, then read me like a book.

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