A Passport Full Of Stamps

A passport full of stamps

I’d rather have a passport full of stamps than a house full of stuff.

19 thoughts on “A Passport Full Of Stamps”

  1. The Minds Journal, Maybe when everything is settled after moving in and the blessing of it, i need one of this, to reward myself. I wish with someone special or a friend or a cousin…anyone who has time and i can tag along will be great with me…adult trip no kids…
    Life is too short…i must as well enjoy life while able…i remember a friend once mentioned: Enjoy life!!!
    Thanks on that note.

  2. Heavily disagree
    I Center myself.
    I center my body.
    I live in the beltbuckle of the bible belt…the money spent on those stamps could go a long way to help beings and environment here.

    Heavily disagree.

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