Are You Passive-Aggressive in Your Relationship?

Are You Passive-Aggressive in Your Relationship

Poor communication patterns such as passive-aggressiveness are not that uncommon since many people act out their hostility rather than communicating verbally on occasion. Nevertheless, when doing so is repetitious, meaningful relationships—such as your marriage—can slowly crumble and break down. Learning how to express yourself in constructive ways can rebuild damaged relationships and prevent them from falling apart.

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For many people, being passive-aggressive is a better option than indulging in a full-blown fight. You might feel that it is less draining to withdraw and not talk about the things that bother you. But festering emotions can create more problems than before, in your relationship. So instead of staying silent, talk about what hurt you or affected you and try to find out a solution together.

Written By Dr. Marni Feuerman
Originally Appeared In The Talking Solution
Republished with permission

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Are You Passive-Aggressive in Your Relationship pin
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