11 Partner Yoga Poses For Couples To Build Intimacy

Partner Yoga Poses Build Intimacy

9. Reverse Warrior Partner Pose

Reverse Warrior Partner Pose
11 Partner Yoga Poses For Couples To Build Intimacy

If it’s not evident from the photo above, this pose is all about creating love – literally and symbolically.

Begin in Warrior Two facing away from each other, with the outside of your back foot touching. Allow this back foot connection to unite you together in the pose, building a shared foundation from which you can stabilize.

Take a deep breath in, and on an exhale, come into your Reverse Warrior by lifting one arm overhead and reaching back for your partner’s grasp, creating a heart shape in the middle of your joined pose. Use a yoga strap if catching your partner’s hand is not available.

Take your other hand and wrap it behind your waist. Settle your attention on your breathing and press into your partner’s foot as they do the same. Likewise, mirror the support of their hand in yours.

The love you create in your relationship is a two-way street. Remind yourself of all the wonderful ways in which you give and take to build that love. Take 5 full breaths here, and then release when you’re both ready.

10. Double Tree Pose

Double Tree Pose
11 Partner Yoga Poses For Couples To Build Intimacy

No man is an island, and likewise, no tree thrives without support.

In this partner pose, begin in your own Tree, by lifting one leg and pressing the sole of the foot into the thigh or down lower on the calf.

When you’ve caught your balance, extend one hand to your partner’s and meet them, palms touching, in the center between your respective Tree postures. Take your other hand and reach it back behind your partner, giving them a loving embrace. Stay here for 5 full breaths before switching sides.

Even though your Tree pose is your own, find the center connection that brings you both together in unity.

Allow yourself to feel and appreciate the support you get from your partner, on and especially off the mat.

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11. Standing Partner Backbend

Standing Partner Backbend
11 Partner Yoga Poses For Couples To Build Intimacy

Opening our hearts to each other is the rawest way of showing our vulnerability. That’s why this pose is so powerful in tandem. By using each other for support, you’re reassuring your partner that anything is possible (and better) when you have each other.

Start standing and facing each other, as you interlace each other’s forearms. Take a deep breath in as you hold each other’s gaze, and on an exhale, lean back to open your heart to the sky, using each other’s arms as resistance. Stay here for 5 full breaths, or as long as it’s comfortable for you both.

Release and end with a hug, honoring the space you’ve created for each other and yourself.

Final Thoughts

Partner yoga asks for vulnerability. Through the power of touch and synced breathing, we forge deeper and richer connections in our relationship with our partner.

The experiences we share together and individually in these yoga postures become topics of communication that can help us learn more about each other and ourselves, further growing our intimacy to heights never felt before.

Practice these poses with your partner whenever you are craving that bough of connection or intimacy. Challenge each other with postures that are both energizing and restorative, and tune in to each other’s unique experiences for more wholesomeness in your relationship.


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Try out these partner yoga poses together, and see for yourself how much they actually help when it comes to building a deep connection and intimacy between you and your significant other. These partner yoga poses are actually very effective in fostering trust, vulnerability and wholesomeness in your relationship.

Partner Yoga Poses Build Intimacy pin
11 Partner Yoga Poses For Couples To Build Intimacy
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