Parental Gaslighting: How Parents Gaslight Their Children And Break Their Hearts

Parental Gaslighting

When children get manipulation, abuse, and gaslighting instead of love, support, guidance, and understanding, it distorts their minds and perception of the world. Toxic, abnormal things become normal and normal, healthy things seem farfetched and impossible. When parents gaslight their children, they are not just hurting them but they are also giving off the message that their feelings and emotions don’t matter and hold no value whatsoever.

Children of gaslighting parents will always believe that they don’t deserve to be loved and whatever bad happens to them, they deserve all of it. Is this how a child deserves to grow up? Feeling that they don’t matter and that they are not good enough, and never will be? You grow up thinking that you need to win and earn your parents’ love for them to be there for you.

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How Can You Heal From Parental Gaslighting?

Even though it may feel like there’s no way you can ever heal from the damage caused by your narcissistic parents, the truth is, there is indeed light at the end of the tunnel. You need to understand that the way your parents treat you, none of it is your fault nor will it ever be. If they can’t give you the love you deserve, it’s on them, not you. You don’t need to earn or win their love, because emotionally healthy parents never expect that from their children.

If your gaslighting parents show no signs of changing their ways, or if they still refuse to acknowledge their toxic nature, then setting some boundaries can help you heal. Know what you need and prioritize your happiness, and let them know that. If they refuse to understand then put some distance between the two of you. Your mental and emotional health matters the most, and if they are too selfish to understand that, then you got to do what you got to do.

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You can also opt for therapy to better understand how you can move on from all the damage caused by your toxic parents. Healing from parental gaslighting can be a painful process, and therapy can help you a lot with that. Leaning on your close friends and trusted family members for support can also help you feel better, and heal from this in the long run.

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Parental Gaslighting: How Parents Gaslight Their Children And Break Their Hearts
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Parental Gaslighting: How Parents Gaslight Their Children And Break Their Hearts
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