Parents and Teachers in the education of Teenagers

Parents and Teachers in the education of Teenagers

Parent-Teacher relation

Communication between parents and teachers is key for the teenagers’ good school performance. Parents should try to meet teachers in person from time to time. It’s good t show support to teachers from the parent’s side and also the concern for their teens. Teachers must also reach out to parents for any additional support necessary for the student. Establishing a good parent-teacher relationship in the beginning makes it much easier to solve any problem with the child’s education in the later years. It also develops a trust factor between the student, parents and teachers.

Know Their Interests

A teacher must try to find out what interests the teen students and approach them accordingly. For example, teenagers are social media savvy, so they might like interacting with subject experts through Skype which otherwise they would have found boring or even intimidating.

Parents should do the same and help them focus on subjects close to their interests which can turn to career in the future.

Whether you are a concerned parent wanting the best education for  your teen child or a teacher fortunate enough to be teaching teenagers, it’s a known fact that handling and reasoning with teenagers is a challenging task. This becomes even harder when you try to be a part of their circle. In this case, approach yourself with the ‘friend, philosopher and guide’ attitude. For teenagers to accept your engagement in their educational affairs, it is best to extend your helping hand to them as a friend rather than as a condescending and patronizing figure. How do you deal with teenagers in their education? Share your own ways and methods of helping your teenage students in the comments section.

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