Parenting Challenges In The Digital Age

 May 11, 2019

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Parenting Challenges In The Digital Age

5. Confidence

Digital parents – have confidence that you really can do this!

Even if you start to panic thinking about all the fan culture of Forties (those darn dances) or the latest YouTube, think that perhaps our parents and grandparents felt the same way when faced with Madonna in the 80’s or The Beatles in the 60’s.We shall learn to handle this as well without anxiety or confusion.


6. Continued Conversation

Once you have begun to have those conversations with your children and young people, do keep them up .

Use that downtime in the car, while cleaning up, prepping for dinner or just talking a walk – to continue the conversations about their online world. Talk early and talk Often.


7. Encourage and promote a healthy online/offline balance

Ultimately children learn through observation.

If you want your child to have a healthy relationship with the digital world then you will need to be a good role model.

For example, where screen time is concerned, if you are constantly on a digital device or regularly on screens late at night then it is highly likely that your child will see this as normal and model this behavior.

In a broader sense make sure to regularly engage in family activities that do not include digital devices. Remind your child of the importance of communicating face to face with friends and relatives as opposed to doing so online.


8. Digital Detox

This is just shutting down turning off or stepping away from technology, periodically. It gives our mind and body the much needed break to recover from the effects overindulgence.

You can declare a “Detox day” for the family and follow through. The benefits might surprise you.


9. Community

When parents have concerns, they may sometimes turn to family members other parents   or professionals (child psychologists / teachers etc.)  to resolve the issue.

A community of parents and caregivers with years of experience and common sense can be a valuable source.

In today’s world, community can be found online as well. There are several Facebook groups dedicated to technology and digital parenting.

Join one or all and check out the conversations to find a community that resonates with you.

With all the right resources parents shall be ready to raise the next generation of resilient, responsible and digitally aware children, making the future of “digital revolution” bright.


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Parenting Challenges In The Digital Age

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