The Narcissist and Psychopath as Human Parasites: Are You a Host?

The Narcissist and Psychopath as Human Parasites

2. Get bored easily and lose interest quickly.

Psychopaths function on constant stimulation, and without that, they get easily bored and start to lose interest in everything they do. That’s why chances are you will never find them working a 9-5 job where they have to do the same thing over and over again, day in and day out. Because their volatile and disinterested attitude will either get them reprimanded every second of every day or get them fired.

At the same time, they cannot fathom the scenario of living a middle-class lifestyle or living in poverty, and that’s why they look for ideal victims to latch on to and feed off till the end of the time. Unfortunately, they always end up finding someone or the other, despite having a toxic personality. How? Scroll down to the next point.

3. Dangerously manipulative and exceptionally charming.

Being manipulative and charming are two of the biggest weapons in their arsenal, as far as trapping victims is concerned. Psychopaths always end up finding the perfect people for their parasitic lifestyle, because unfortunately, they are blessed with amazing conversation skills and sparkling personalities. But this is all a facade, which they put on in order to prey on vulnerable and innocent people.

They know exactly what to say, how to say it, and how to present themselves in front of a host so that they fall for their charm and end up getting attached to them. For psychopaths, it’s all about setting the trap with their charm and manipulations, baiting their victims, and finally reeling them in and then feasting on them. Most of the time, psychopaths do this with rich and wealthy people, because money matters a lot to them; they can live off their whole lives on someone else’s money. And if the money and luxuries run out, they simply seek out another victim.

4. Irresponsible and zero motivation.

Psychopaths have zero motivation, and are extremely irresponsible; they would any day choose to feed off other people than do something noble and worthwhile. Exploiting others is their favorite thing to do, and when they see they are getting to live a good and comfortable life by doing this, why would they even try to live like decent human beings?

For them, the norms and rules of society don’t matter at all, and they don’t hesitate to take part in criminal and unethical activities if it means they will get something useful out of it. No wonder, most gangsters, serial killers, terrorists, and criminals turn out to be dangerous psychopaths; decent human beings never knowingly and voluntarily get involved in criminal activities.

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5. They have no goals in life.

When you add lack of goals with lack of responsibility and accountability, you have got a recipe for disaster, and that is when you know, you have a psychopath in your hands. They never plan for the future, never look at the bigger picture, have no ambitions and goals, and believe that they can cruise through life simply by feeding off other people.

They fail miserably at holding onto jobs, have no personal properties, no bank balance at all, and are always looking for other people to do everything for them. Their only way of surviving in life is by exploiting and taking advantage of other people and their resources.

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