Pain Shapes a Woman into a Warrior

Pain shapes a woman into a warrior.

– r.h. sin

31 thoughts on “Pain Shapes a Woman into a Warrior”

    1. Like that which doesn’t kill you makes you stronger? Or God doesn’t give you more than you can bear, but people sure do. I agree with you that people CAN only take so much, and, I also believe that sometimes, some pain can shape some women into warriors. Or, into bitter old bags like Me 😛

    2. Are you being raped & mind controlled? Did falling in love with someone destroy everything you’ve worked to regain after an abusive relationship? Kindly leave me alone.

    3. I’m sorry you have experienced those thingsKim,+ I am dead serious and was trying to agree and sympathize with you. Yes, for most of my 70 years I HAVE had those traumas you mention and more. I do apologize again for what pain the misunderstanding has caused you, and only wish peace and healing for you, because I truly am a bitter old woman, from getting WAY too much abuse and hope you can avoid becoming like me. I’m gone now.

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