Oxymoron of Life – Mind Talk

Death is Life…and life is death

the journey starts on our last breath

Illusion is this world of ours

and when it ends we merge the stars

God, creator, morning dove

it all begins in a heart of love

We journey through this earthly dream

so fearing the awakening

We fight, resist all things unknown

resisting all our urge to grow

This death we know of sad goodbyes

is just the host you realize

The soul is active, loose and free

boundless for eternity

There’s no pain, no hurt or fear

Peace, Love and Light are all that’s near

They stay with us and watch our backs

try to help us stay on track

Only IF we listen though and stay open to what we already know

Be alert, stay aware

I’m sure you’ll feel their presence there

Your loved ones on the other side

in hearts and memories they abide

We are all One and still connected

long after you think that they have left you

Lisa Jane Emery


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