Owning My Happiness: How I Did It

Owning My Happiness How I Did It

I have a lifetime of experience in “misguided project management” – Why? that is because the Empath in me is addicted to a cause. I believed that I will wilt without a cause. And trust me, I have realized, I will not.

I will survive and flourish without any of this. And this has lifted so much of load off my mind. Steve Jobs said this famously, didn’t he, “Life is short, do not waste it leading someone else’s life.”

5. Life is fair, not always, but for the best part.

This is the toughest part. Processing and removing the past. Loads of baggage. Remove and cast off as many experiences, the unpleasant ones with the time-tested logic, “It all happened with a reason.” And the lightness of being will there for the asking.

Fights, break-ups, workplace conflict, family stress, fear, childhood trauma – name it and work towards it. 

The route to happiness is eternal, and the quest for it too. But, can’t we make the progress every single day of our lives?

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