Overprotective Parents,Just Hinder A Child’s Growth

Debra Pry

Overprotective parents,
just hinder a child’s growth.
Give your children freedom
to grow.

Richa Kalra

Set your child free
from digital cage.
Let him explore the world
at this age

Karthik Parthasarathy

Over protecting the child,
Setting its boundaries too close,
Distracting it with gadgets,
Not allowing it to be free.
Way more harm it can cause,
Than the good it can do.
Care for the child, only to protect it,
Not to suffocate it.

Rinku Shah

or Convenience parenting?
It’s your choice,
skip the explaining!
Your focus needs a shift
From self to children,
who are a priceless gift!

Rinku Shah

Overindulgence in gaming,
Supporting instead of questioning?
New age parenting,
Sure needs some rethinking!

Sulekha Pande

Don’t show your care and love
by imprisoning your child
in boundaries,
give them roots of good values,
give them wings of hopes,
and let then fly on their own

Sarrvesh Waran

Too much comfort and security
will turn out to be a prison.
The child will never discover the colors
but rather stay as a prism.

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