Why We Cannot Continue To Overlook High-Functioning Depression?

Why Overlook HighFunctioning Depression

What we need to realize

According to Healthline, here are a few things that we need to understand about high-functioning depression and those who suffer from it:

  • They constantly feel like they are being fake as they pretend to be the person others expect them to be.
  • They can have mental clarity and be productive on the good days. But the bad days can be intolerable as they feel they are unable to live up to their potential.
  • As they are high functioning, others have a hard time believing that they are struggling with mental health issues. They need to prove that they are falling apart to seek help.
  • Surviving the bad days can be excruciatingly painful and exhausting as it drains a lot of their mental and emotional energy.
  • They have a difficult time getting anything done as focusing on a task can be challenging. Moreover, they often feel that they are not able to perform their best. This leads to further anxiety.

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Seek help

The best thing someone suffering from high-functioning depression can do is ask for help. Although it may require a lot of strength and courage to actively seek help, it can bring about a lot of difference. Visiting a mental health professional and going for therapy can help people with high functioning depression overcome the symptoms and start living a normal life.

Psychologist Kathryn Moore, PhD, says “Therapists can help a person identify the negative thoughts, beliefs, and habits that may be contributing to feeling depressed. It could also include things like medication, learning mindfulness skills, and doing activities linked to improving mood, such as exercise.

So if you think that you or someone you know is struggling through depression, then reach out to your friends and family or a therapist. Getting the right treatment can help a great deal.

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We Cannot Continue to Overlook ‘High-Functioning’ Depression
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