What Is Negativity Bias And 5 Strategies To Overcome It

What Is Negativity Bias

5 Strategies To Rewire Your Brain

You can turn your negative thinking upside down with these simple strategies.

1. Recognize Your Patterns. 

Hopefully, after reading this article you will be a lot more in tune with how the negativity bias plays out in your life and in your family. Noticing this pattern will in and of itself create opportunities to shift your thinking.

2. Counter the Negative with 2-3 Positives. 

This is a strategy that you can implement for yourself or even at home with your kids and/or significant other. Create a rule that for every comment that is made which is negative, make it a point to throw in 2-3 positive statements or experiences about the day or the situation. Granted this is less than the recommended 5, but it will be a start to retrain your brain to look for the positive before looking for the negative.

3. Self Care.  

Maintaining a positive outlook is like any other part of our self-care routines. If we are taking care of the different parts of ourselves we will be more resistant to the challenges and negativities that we encounter in our daily life. Make healthy choices and your thought process will follow.

4. Catch the Negative Self Talk.  

We all have an inner dialogue which is probably our harshest critic. Once we hear something negative this can unleash a barrage of negative memories and faux pas that we have committed over the years, and this is a major culprit in the fight against negativity. 

If you notice that your inner dialogue is skewing more negatively, check yourself and look for the things you can feel grateful about. It won’t be an automatic shift but it will create some space for the positive thinking to infiltrate the negative and at the very least open up the possibility for balance between the negative and the positive.

5. Watch Less News.  

We know that the news tends to be mostly negative, this doesn’t help us maintain a healthy balanced perspective on what is happening in the world. 

Choose your news sources mindfully and make sure that you only listen or watch here and there. Reading the news will give you more control over what you are exposed to and you will be able to skim through the more sensationalized bytes.

In Summary

We are all prone to pay closer attention to the negative information we get in a day but we can rewire our brains with intentional practices. Rewiring our brain will train our thought patterns and allow room for the positive alongside the negative which will, in turn, help us to feel happier and more positive about our lives. Rewiring our brains is like learning anything or breaking any bad habit, it will take repetition and mindfulness to counteract the natural tendencies and the way in which information is shared with us.

So, the next time someone tells you that you are a “glass is half empty” person or calls you a “Negative Nelly” try not to take it to heart, you can simply remind them that you, like they, are products of thousands of years of evolution and you’re working on it.

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If you found this article helpful, please share it with your friends and family. Maybe this will open up an opportunity to create some awareness in your social network and we can slowly, as a society, create the shift from a negative way in which we share information to a more positive hopeful pattern. They too can begin to understand that this is just how our brains work, in the same way, our lungs breathe and our hearts beat, but the power lies within us to make that change.

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Negativity Bias

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Written By Meredith Flanagan
Originally Appeared On Upside Down Flan
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What Is Negativity Bias And 5 Strategies To Overcome It
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