5 Tips To Overcome Laziness and Be Productive

Overcome Laziness Be Productive

While making the transition to changing your habits, take the time to dig deeper and find out the underlying cause of your passive behaviour. Unearth the possible psychological reasons that are causing your so-called lazy attitude. You can excavate the issue on your own, with a mental health professional, or a life coach. Remember that laziness is not a personality trait but a habit which can be changed with conscious effort.

3. Prioritize tasks and plan accordingly: 

According to the ‘Law of Forced Efficiency’, there is never enough time to do everything, but there is always enough time to do the most important thing. This requires that we prioritize and plan so that we spend time only on the things that matter the most at that particular time, without spreading ourselves too thin. Contrary to what most people think, you don’t need to be ‘switched on’ and in work mode all the time to overcome laziness.

You can engage in short sprints of real focused work which last for 30-90 minutes. In between, take breaks to relax and rest your mind. This kind of working pattern ensures that you don’t burn out or suffer mental fatigue which could affect your efficiency and productivity. Another useful pointer is from the book Eat That Frog by Brian Tracy where he says, “if you have to eat two frogs, eat the ugliest one first. If you have two important tasks before you, start with the biggest, hardest, and most important task first.”

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4. Acknowledge your wins and reward yourself along the way: 

One of the most rewarding aspects of working hard is when you start seeing signs of success. At these mini-milestones, you will slowly begin to reap the fruits of your labor, and the prize that you’re after will gradually come into view. Acknowledging these small wins along the way is a potent source of motivation that will help you overcome laziness. I like to note down my successes in my journal and contemplate on my journey thus far with a sense of gratitude and appreciation for all my efforts.

5. Stay balanced and healthy: 

It’s tough to stay on top of things if you lack energy. Feeling tired, drained, and unfit will deplete you. Any initiative will feel like an uphill climb. A balanced and healthy lifestyle is imperative if you want to perform at your peak level. This requires that you get the basic tenets of healthy living right: eat healthily, drink enough water, be physically active, get sufficient sleep, and manage your stress levels.

Another practice that’s popular among well-known peak performers such as Tony Robbins is following a start-up morning routine that prepares the mind, emotions, and body to bring out it’s best for the rest of the day. These morning routines can include meditation, working out, deep breathing exercises, morning prayers and affirmations, a gratitude practice, and eating a healthy and nourishing breakfast that will keep blood sugar levels stable and provide lasting energy.

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Life is like one big vacation, and it’s up to us to map out a master itinerary that excites us. During this vacation, we have the opportunity not only to accomplish the things that are dear to our hearts, but also to leave our footprints on the sands of time. Our footprints should remind future travelers of the value of hard work and having the courage never to give up.

Do you find it a challenge to overcome laziness and be productive? What have been your major obstacles?

Written by: Seline Shenoy

Originally appeared on: thedreamcatch.com

Republished with permission.

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