7 Ways To Overcome Introvert Guilt And Embrace Your Inner Introvert

Overcome Introvert Guilt Embrace Inner Introvert

2. Let go of negative beliefs

Once you have successfully identified the source of your introvert guilt, understand what particular beliefs you are still holding on to which drive your guilt. Recognize your beliefs that don’t serve you anymore and let them go. Irrespective of what you feel about yourself, unless you truly embrace your introversion, you will feel that you’re selfish and a terrible person, leading to more guilt. 

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Michaela explainsUsually the worst thing that can happen is something that’s already happening – you feeling bad about yourself. At a certain point you see that it’s all in your head. No one has any real power over you. No one’s opinion of you matters more than your own.

3. Believe in yourself

One of the primary reasons for this guilt is that we do not accept our inner introvert wholeheartedly. We do not trust our introverted instincts, inner needs, dreams and desires. We don’t trust our own selves. Instead, we start believing what extroverts think about us. We fail to realize that we ourselves know what is actually best for us.

If you want to get rid of guilt, then have faith in yourself. And you can gain this trust only through evidence and practice. Michaela writes “Practice giving yourself what you need in small doses at first, and see how it feels. Snatch an hour or two of alone time here and there. Then try a whole evening, or weekend. It’s up to you to decide how much alone time feels good to you!

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Here are some other quick tips for dealing with introvert guilt:

4. Maintain relationships the way it works for you

If you prefer more intimate interactions than loud parties, then let your loved ones know that. Take initiative to meet your family and friends the way you find it convenient for you. You don’t have to force yourself to be more social, if you don’t want to. Do what makes you happy from within, in the real sense. 

5. Stick to a daily recharge routine

If you have your own family, then enjoying your solitude will surely lead to introvert guilt. This is why it is crucial to set a recharge routine that allows you to enjoy your alone time on a daily basis without ignoring your family or responsibilities. For instance, set 30 minutes apart for yourself each day and let your family know you will be unavailable during this time.

6. Practice mindfulness

Instead of wasting your time mindlessly scrolling through social media or unimportant activities, practice mindfulness meditation for 10 minutes everyday. This will help you connect with your inner self and find the peace you are looking for. 

7. Create a balance. 

The key to getting rid of introvert guilt and finding happiness as an introvert is to find a balance between solitude and socializing. Actively make some time to meet your loved one once or twice a week and you can enjoy the rest of your leisure time with yourself… guilt-free.

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Acceptance is the secret

When you unconditionally accept who you are and embrace your inner introversion, you will see your introvert guilt disappear sooner than you can think. Accept that your alone time is valuable, but also understand that your friends and family need you to be with them at times. Accept yourself, but be responsible for others as well. If you do that, you can enjoy your solitude anyway you want.

Author and coach Michaela Chung concludes “Introverts have the right to make their own path and construct their lives as they see fit. Unless you’re hurting someone else, there’s no need to feel guilty about your preferences. That’s why they call them ‘personal’ preferences; you are not obligated to justify them to anyone else.

So if you want to spend an entire evening alone at home and not go to the hippest party in town, then that’s okay. It’s absolutely fine to enjoy your own company and not feel the need to seek attention from others. 

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Here is an interesting video that you may find helpful:

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