5 Ways You Can Overcome Your Emotional Sensitivity


5. Learn The Art Of Being Indifferent

I'm Such An Incredibly, Stupidly Sensitive Person That Everything That Happens To Me

Emotional sensitivity is fueled by caring too much about the circumstances and the effect they have on your mind. You have to learn how not to care about the happenings. For that, you need to realize how your self-worth outweighs any negativity that happens to cross your path.

You have to believe that your mental health is the most important thing, and that no emotion, however traumatizing, can dominate your will to preserve peace and contentment. You have to realize that your life is in your hands. Same with your emotions.

It is you, and you alone, who has the power to direct your emotions in the desired direction. Once this belief is inculcated deep in your heart, you’ll find the emotional sensitivity withering away.

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5 Ways You Can Overcome Your Emotional Sensitivity

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