7 Things Common In Children Raised by Over Controlling Parents

Things Children Raised Over Controlling Parents

Nobody is going to attack, neglect, or abandon you for existing – because you are an adult now. You are not helpless for a long time now. You can finally relax and breathe freely.

The only person who really is in control of your life is …YOU. And you have so much more freedom and options than you realize….

Yes, it’s not that simple. It may take months or years to overcome this psychological pattern. But, as always, the first step is awareness: to become aware if/that you have such a pattern, and why.

Then, it becomes possible to slowly overcome it by doing therapeutic self-work and teaching your body to react differently – all of which leads to healthier self-esteem, psychological freedom, inner serenity, and true happiness.

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Did you have over-controlling parents or other authority figures as a child?
What was the most problematic thing you had to deal with regarding people who over-controlled you?
What is the most difficult thing you are dealing with as an adult as a result of being over-controlled in the past?

As always, you are welcomed to share your thoughts and answers in the comment section below or contact me personally.

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Written by Darius Cikanavicius
Originally appeared in Self-Archeology

Over-Controlling Parents
The Burden Of Being Over Controlled As A Child
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