Our Minds

We often spend a lot of time thinking about the person, judging him/her for the rights and wrongs, good and bad. Its not what they do or what they are, that matters. Its not the color of the skin, nor the language they speak. Its not even what they speak and how they speak. Its definitely not how they look . Its simple. But we often miss out on simple points.

Our Minds
We all live in a world that slowly is sinking,
do we all have a mind and are we really thinking.
No color will decide whose mind is free,
I’m not better than you, nor are you than me.
For your face can fake but your mind will not,
Its the mind that reads, its the mind that talks.
So why are we worried about the color of the skin,
When we should really look at the mind within.
Break these walls and open your mind,
Love and peace is what you shall find.
If you look at the sea and not just the shore,
The bad is good and maybe more.
Erase the sketch in your mind that you slowly drew,
You don’t need a picture, if your mind is true.
– Siddharth Khetan
I’ve written a few more at http://penforathought.blogspot.in/

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