Other People Are Your Mirrors: 5 Things They Teach You

Other People Your Mirrors Things Teach You

Others only reflect your inner doubts. Especially when you choose to change and follow what you love. It has happened to most of us that the closest people who were “supposed” to support us were questioning if what we do is the right thing.

Don’t take it as a sign that what you do is wrong. Instead, shift your perception to see that you need to support your dreams more.

3. People tell you what you should do.

Sometimes it’s normal that others tell you what you need to do – like in work. But if your partner, family, or friends tell you way too often what you should do, then it reflects a fear of making your decisions. Others can feel whether we trust our opinions. If you don’t believe in your choice, then some people will take and advantage of it.

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4. Others lie to you.

If you meet people who lie to you, then the question to ask would be whether you lie to yourself (and others)? It might be more difficult, to be honest with yourself. Especially when you do something that you wish to take back. Yet in each moment being frank with yourself is the best thing you can do. It brings self-acceptance, and it shows you who you truly are.

5. Others are doing what you want to do.

When you know people, who take the dance class, language course, or job that you’ve wanted it’s a clear wake-up call for you.

It means that you can do it yourself, but for some reason, you don’t. Others are showing you that it can be done and they also motivate you to take the first step.

Other people are your mirrors

You can take anyone and look at what they reflect about you. Some reflections show what we need to heal while others are meant to inspire us to step up. Once you shift your perception about your relationships, you can have more fun.

Instead of blaming someone, you can think; oh, that’s interesting information. Thank you, I’ll support myself more.

This is one of the purposes of relationships. Other people are our gifts. Even when we don’t like them. Everyone has some message for you.


Written by Sylvia Salow
Originally appeared on Sylvia Salow.com
Other People Are Your Mirrors and This Is What They Teach You
Other People Are Your Mirrors and This Is What They Teach You
Other People Your Mirrors Things Teach You Pin

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