Osho on The Word F*ck and Why It’s The Most Versatile Word in English

Osho on Word Fuck

Osho was a spiritual teacher and healer before he died of congestive heart failure in the year 1990. He is renowned for his belief in the unity of opposites. There are many similarities drawn between him and the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche as they both believe that good and bad are social constructs. He has also been compared to D. H Lawrence, as they were both major believers of the concept of sexual freedom.

Osho is known to have said that all men, no matter who they are and where they come from have it in them to gain enlightenment and he also believed that all of us can love unconditionally when free of our own ego.

Sexual liberation and freedom feature widely in his teachings and he was one of the most prominent spokespeople of acceptance. He said that sex and sexuality are a part of us and there is no reason to subdue our needs and desires. To survive, one must satisfy all his or her needs.

Check out the video of Osho and his views on the word fuck below!

Osho and his views on the word fuck
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Osho on Fck - Why It's The Most Beautiful and Versatile Word in English Language
Osho on fuck
Osho on Word Fuck pin
Osho on The Word F*ck and Why It's The Most Versatile Word in English
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