All Oppression Is Connected

All Oppression Is Connected - Mind Talk

Whether it’s a lifetime, a lineage, or a year, oppression and its hell is embezzling our oneness from our DNA, and that runs deeper than the color of one’s skin, a family, or culture. It’s been passed down through history, and by assuming only one kind or a few kinds of people suffer from its effects is a dangerous territory which, actually, maintains oppression and passes it further down the number line.

If we want to step out of the laws of oppression instituted throughout history books, we must be in control of liberating ourselves beyond it and be conscious to provide gentleness to those we don’t suspect know a thing about living under its thumb.

Gandhi himself once said, “I always get my best bargains behind prison bars,” according to an article in TIME magazine. Despite your beliefs about him or what he actually did to create change, his example is liberation through the mind. (Though I’ve read he was racist in other ways, in which I don’t intend to use him as an example for).

My friends friend, Pamela Smart is a white woman, school teacher, who has been in jail for most of her life though she is believed to be innocent. She has been raped, robbed, and unjustly accused of a murder she never even owned a weapon for. In jail, she has found her spirit, became a reverend, got a degree in law, and shakes things up from the inside. She is not free in form, but she is free, in mind.

If our intention is to be released from oppression, it may be a very good consideration to honor every person we meet as being someone who has to deal with oppression. It may be in different forms, in different functions, in different institutions, but please reconsider that the notion that because someone is light-skinned and appears happy, that they have never known the oppression that you know, or that they currently aren’t battling with it themselves. Those assumptions are skin deep, and after all, isn’t that what we’re trying avoid.

Liberation can begin with this simple sight. We are all oppressed to some degree, and by considering that not everyone is, is a bit oppressive.

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