Why Your Own Opinion Is The Only One That Counts

4. Other people’s opinion is based on their own value system. 


You should not pay heed to other people’s opinions because of the simple reason that they have a different value system. 

Other people’s opinion is based on their distinct, unique life experiences, their ideologies, and value system. Their mindset might not align with yours and hence will never be the best for you. 

Don’t be fooled by other people’s declaration that they have wisdom, they have a similar experience. They don’t as every single person’s experience is apparently discrete. 

Many people will only project their own insecurities in their opinions and take undue advantage out of your gullibility. A lot of them will ask you to compromise your deepest wishes and desires to follow what makes others happy. And they themselves will invariably fall in this “others” category. 

Take this for example, if someone close to you asks you to stay stuck in your comfort zone, which might visibly seem to be a piece of helpful advice, but this will eventually mean downplaying your abilities and undermine your chances of self-empowerment. 

Their opinion will rarely be helpful for you as they do not know what you need and desire from your life. 

Don’t allow yourself to be held hostage by the opinion of others.Laurie Buchanan

Letting go of the opinions of others and following your heart for your own sake takes courage. Because not many of us have learned to love ourselves before we love others. 

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