Open Letter to my fellow Hopeless Romantics – Mind Talk

Open Letter to my fellow Hopeless Romantics - Mind Talk

I was recently asked why I’m not more guarded when it comes to my heart and relationships after all I’ve gone through. I was kinda taken back because maybe I should be? After a “little” thought, here’s what I came up with… If it doesn’t work out, I just let it go EVERY TIME! I give it 100% and sometimes even more but when it’s over, it’s just over. And I’m fine because I know I tried MY hardest to make it work. << Not to be confused with someone else’s version of “my hardest”.

I think about it like this…If for some reason, falling in love and having my heart broken was going to shave 10 years off my life each time it happened, I may be more guarded but thankfully it doesn’t! Fortunately, the worst thing that happens to all of us is that we survive it. Remembering that I have survived each broken heart, allows me to jump right in again without the need to guard my heart.

My heart was meant to LOVE (obviously pumping blood is good too) and that’s what I’ll continue to let it do.

By Monica Hughes

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