Only Time Will Reveal

Only Time Will Reveal

He was the guy who was successful, respectable, dependable; he even managed his money well, his bills and loans were always paid on time and he kept close track to where every penny he spent went. He was clean and hygienic for a working man, even his house and possessions were in great condition– with everything he owned having a purpose for use or the perfect storage place to be kept.

Everyone he knew always wanted his help, asked him favors because he’s the only one who had the right equipment, and even just because they knew he won’t say no to lending a hand. He was the all-American golden boy to some, while others found him to be stubborn and hard-headed.

Then there was her. She had it all at one point; marriage, family, a house, and even a dog for the kids. She started what became a successful catering business so she can work from home and manage schedules; since she was the only one who managed anything in the house. But behind closed doors, it was scary, heartbreaking and lonely. Her outgoing personality faded hard and she felt, some days, it was pointless getting dressed. She finally gained the courage to break away; unfortunately, leaving her self-worth at a new all-time low…which bouncing from job to job and couch to couch, didn’t help her positive mentality.

That’s when they met. She saw him as a hero– he picked her up and protected her close; he saw her as a project to fix and make his own. It was a quick leap; they both felt the spark of attraction and instant connection, purposely dodging all the red flags they would have tripped over from the start. They became the couple, who together, made anything possible and nothing was off-limits. She loved being around him; always teaching her something new and resourceful, with playful laughing and touching mixed in. He even took her to meet his family, not even two weeks after they met– not thinking she would get so attached. He loved the feel of being needed by her; he found himself more desirable, confident and strong. But how soon his ego took a jump to borderline cocky, with control and double standards filling his head with every day she stayed.

But honestly, she didn’t need him. She only thought she did from the way he twisted her thoughts into his own and the passive-aggressive insults he referred to as compliments. Love turned into lust and comfort into isolation; never wanting to leave his side, getting too deep and involved, even answering to, instead of communicating with, ended up being normal for her, all over again.

Making her believe she was the one at fault when he was stuck on his power trip that nobody could push him off– it was getting to be too much for them both. She did her share to break his heart, but he did a number on her as well; with both following their own paths in life, and as much as they did love and try to make all the good things worth it, the unexpected couple just wasn’t meant to be, in the way they hoped for in the beginning. With both walking away and letting it all be, I guess only time will reveal whose loss it truly was.

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