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Only The Most Confident Will Rise

Only The Most Confident Will Rise

The lyrics aren’t right. The voice isn’t my own. I don’t know this one, but she keeps telling me to sing anyway. I open my mouth once more, but it’s silent. I look out into the audience and the screaming starts; so loud it brings me to my knees and I start to lose my breath.

I shut my eyes, hold my head, and make my body so still while the painful echos eat away all the confidence I have finally gained. Competing with my ego villain was getting hard, winning was even harder; only the most confident will rise…

Celsie Nace

--Author-- Celsie Elizabeth Nace was born in So. Cali in November 1988. She is a single mother of 3 kids; 2 girls, 1 boy. She's always written for fun, but as she started to find herself and write how she wanted, in ways she didn't know she could.View Author posts