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Only Silence

Do what you want to do

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but first know ‘what’ you really are,

but ‘that’ you won’t ‘find’ outside of your-self.

It isn’t a way you need to ‘go’.

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you truly need ‘only’ to remember

there are so much physical concepts

that are made to distract

and dislocate you from what you are

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and the more you look aware of all.

The more you come conscious

of ‘any-thing’ and ‘no-thing’

I can‘t describe nor have I words

‘It’ is deep and vast and everything

But until you don‘t ‘feel’

you will not ‘know’

I could use any other words

to describe a concept to outside me

but only silence is what brings to light

the deepest knowledge we forget.

-By Yardley Pearson

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