Only Because She Was A Girl

Only Because She Was A Girl

She is a beautiful girl

Her smile is like shining pearl

Her dream is like a rainbow

Rosy face with the youthful glow

Alien to the world and its wilderness

For her life means only happiness.

She is an aspiring lady now

Equipped with all know-how

Skills of a wide array

Any chore she pulls it in her own way

But the world showed up an ugly face

Tried hard to drag her away from the race.

She turned to sadly an old woman now

Loose skin and grey eyebrow

Her vision is now slightly blurred

And her big voice seems a bit slurred.

She understands well the world and its game

Can drown you to earn the golden fame

Only because she was a girl

Tossed up like puppetry to whirl and twirl.

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