One Toe in Reality

Have at least one toe in Reality.
Wise Words by Terry D. Pickron

26 thoughts on “One Toe in Reality”

  1. I was so busy these days.. I didn't get a chance to respond on all your likes and comments.. Im appreciative.. I love them and I'm honored.pls.

  2. I've got more of me in reality then people realize. Things aren't always as they appear from the outside. That's what happens when your looking in at someone's life from a distance and make the mistake of jumping to conclusions based on that limited perception. Try stepping in closer and see how things look from a more intimate perspective and maybe somethings will make more sense.

    1. Thanks, Fabiana! That's what I really needed to hear that right now. It's really difficult being judged so harshly by so many at every turn. It wears on me after a while. Much love, my friend. ❤️

    1. Destiny and The Divine inspires our lives, just hope and pray for well being of ALL, especially those with a kind heart and generous soul 🙂 and every such person needs to be respected for his/her words as well as silence!

    2. Definitely Fabiana Zeitter…but sometimes everyone needs to rejuvenate and replenish the inner soul, in order to pursue God's plans for betterment! We can at the best pray for his wellbeing 🙂

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