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‘The One’ – Tiny Tales

'The One' - Tiny Tales

Instant Brew Word ‘The One’

Here are our favorite submissions

By Kellie Peacock

The One ..
It took her breath away when the realisation hit her! All this time relentlessly searching for the one to complete her.. years of fails and hurt. She wondered why no one shared this before .. ahh she thought, all of those people who had touched her heart had been an integral part of the process. It was through their eyes that she saw now the person in front of her. This moment would be imprinted on her heart and soul for eternity.. she reached out to the mirror and touched her reflection .. for she was THE ONE! Complete now

By Karleen Hilton 

The promises were always there, starting so tender, so young. Promises of love, protection, honour. One stood professing his love would last beyond life, but sadly a mask of another, had to hide the real one. I still believed he would be there someday, tell the heavens your wish and they will supply. When he arrived all dark and brooding, riding his iron horse into my life, a man so deep, so mysterious, so loving….the last person you would expect to be “the one”, I’ll wait again……

By Erna Duspara 

The ONE ♡
that’s what I thought too.
Looking back now…
it was never you.
So many times…
I really did try.
But love cannot survive…
when your living a lie.

By Gita Singh 

The One…moment when I wish I could go back and never let go of your hand…

The time when I had to leave to go and call dad, to tell him you were dying and that he had to come back on the next flight, you tried to grab my hand back and I gave it to the next person not realising that you were anxious and needed me.

That one moment…will stay with me always.

I wished I had held on…had one more moment with you.
Mum, you were the one that kept me grounded and the one I really need right now.

By Kaitlyn Bell 

She sat in her car waiting outside her house trying to regain any possible blood flow to her finger tips she could. Fumbling with the dials she successfully blasted the heat to its highest setting. A shiver rushed down her spine as her teeth begin to chatter. As she breathed hot air into her ice cold hands the light from the morning sun beamed down onto her ring and almost seemed to glow. Her mind wandered to that day when she had slipped on the ice right into his warm embrace. He had come out of nowhere appearing in perfect timing. His eyes were so glossy that day, every ribbon of green enhanced from the arena’s lighting. Ice skating was her favorite thing about winter. If she had only known that one day she would marry that man how different it may have happened. Her heart seemed to expand in that exact moment. All of the memories they created together seemed to flow right out of her eyes and down her face. She found him, she found the one. Even though she was surrounded by the cold she still felt warmth inside her heart and that warmth would remain their forever.

By Rinku Shah 

In the adolescent years,
When we had many peers.
Today he and tomorrow she’s my friend,
That was the trend.
When suddenly things changed..
Heartbeats fluctuated high to highest they ranged.
Stealing glimpses to brushing off our hands,
Dried roses, cards and yearly friendship bands.
In that one moment I knew
He was ‘THE ONE’
Days months and years flew…
Our love finally won!
Till death do us apart…
Fate did play its part.
One was left to battle alone,
And yet their love had only grown'The One' - Tiny Tales❤️

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