This One Simple Question Will Help You Identify If Your Partner Is Truly “The One” For You

 December 03, 2017

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If your significant other tells you they love you because you are extremely attractive or hot or you lead a very cool lifestyle, then it’s also a red alert.

Such people usually have the tendency to treat you like a trophy, showing off to their peers. They are not bothered about your emotions or the person you are.

The last one of this category of fake people will tell you that you are one in a million. This might sound extremely romantic but you need to be practical in this case.

There are millions of people in this world and you are definitely not the best of them. This ‘one in a million’ story is nothing but to flatter you.

If your partner says that there are millions of people better than you but among them, they are choosing you, then that’s a reflection of true love.

Be sure to understand the difference between ‘ you are one in a million’ and ‘ I am choosing you among millions of people’.

Love isn’t meant to be fakes. It needs to be real. You need someone who will  love you after seeing you in your good and bad phases of life.

They will love you every single day in whatever condition you are in…without make up, with scars, with tears. They will appreciate your love and commitment towards them, for putting up with their flaws too. No matter how many fights you have, the two of you should remain together at the end of the day.

Initially, life seems like a fairy-tale when two people fall in love with each other. But once the honeymoon period is over, the veil peels off and we are exposed to the hard reality.

A lot of relationships tend to die here. But if you and your partner love each other truly, you will survive together.

So, what is your partner’s reaction?

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This One Simple Question Will Help You Identify If Your Partner Is Truly "The One" For You