One person

One person

One person can make you hate all other people, but one person can also teach you that not every one is the same.

That’s the power of ONE PERSON

26 thoughts on “One person”

  1. My second husband had to teach & show me that all men were not the same! when he had me convinced, we married! he was wonderful! was? he passed on this past Dec. ‘6’ yrs ago! I will never be the same!!

    1. I feel the same way.hate is crippling, it eats away the goodness in us.i am always angry..firework on display! 🙂 thanks terry for liking my comments here in TMJ. Be well!

  2. Wow. What a post. Can I again ask the permission to fall in love with you. Without you allowing it, it will be an intrusion. Man( just an expression:-p)….what mind you have!

  3. Just what I wanted to hear today. Wow. One man can heal the pain of centuries. One man's apology is enough to forgive the heinous crimes of ages. One Crucifixion was enough to start a religion of forgiveness. One Buddha enough to bring silence across thousand years. The power of one man
    The love of one man.

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