One Day, Soon, The Powerful Nature, Will Rule

One Day, Soon, The Powerful Nature, Will Rule
Sulekha Pande

One day,
the powerful nature,
will rule.

Nuhrez Khan

Abundant as I may be
but the greed of humankind
is unboundable.
The more they achieve,
the hungrier they are.

Hrisha Paul

Being born and growing up in my lap,
I don’t deserve this assault from you.
I gave you the ground
to stand, air to breathe.
But the harm you’re doing
peeling my layers off,
extracting my flow is merciless.
It’s my time to wake up
and show the other side I hold.

Rinku Shah

Know your opponent
and you will never lose,
Whatever you choose.
Know yourself and you will always win,
Just need to begin.
And when the war is with oneself,
Man vs Nature…
Victory or defeat is worthless!

Drishti Nagdeo

Don’t you be harsh on nature,
It can stop you from your nurture.
Remember, if there aren’t
enough trees,
All your gizmos will have
to pay the fees!

Sarrvesh Waran

For each step, we disjoint from nature,
life becomes for us, a torture.
When we are separating ourselves
and going against nature,
we are going towards chaos,
towards death.

Sarrvesh Waran

By killing me,
you are only killing yourselves.
I don’t want to hurt you.
But you make me do it.
You leave me no choice.
Understand before it is too late.
You decide
the judgement day and date.

Sherry Greene

Nature WILL prevail.

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2 thoughts on “One Day, Soon, The Powerful Nature, Will Rule”

  1. Climate change is not a symptom but a cure.
    Food growing areas will be affected, water will become rare.
    When starvation and poverty come to full fruition,
    Exodus and rebellion will result.
    Earth is trying to heal herself and is willing to kill millions of us.
    Let’s save everything. Gas. Food. Time. Each other.
    Save the planet for she is hurting.

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