One by One

One by One

Tiny pieces of her heart, the fibers of her being, left one by one with every sorry word that entered her being. The heartache was more and more, becoming so unbearable, pieces of her disappeared. 

He stood quietly in the darkness.  One by one, he caught and captured the pieces of her heart. He knew they were damaged, ripped to shreds, and destroyed.  He lovingly gathered them all, and held them close to him.
He waited patiently. For time had passed through all space and every dimension. He waited patiently.
When he saw her again, she seemed unrecognizable. Not what he had remembered, until he locked eyes with her. There she is. The soul he once knew.  Day by day, one by one, he began to give her back the pieces of her heart that were lost so long ago.  
Before she knew it, her heart had been filled with pieces of him. And when they stared intensely into each others eyes, they knew their hearts would forever be one.

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