One Bad Relationship Could Make

One bad relationship could make you never want to fall in love again.

59 thoughts on “One Bad Relationship Could Make”

  1. Get victimized by a sociopath with a high IQ and you will wonder how much was actual love and how much was the manipulation. That is enough to make one become celibate, join a convent or enter a Buddhist monastery.

    1. i’ve got a lot of bad relationships, and i still love them, because there’s no reason for me not to keep loving and learning… it’s on their perspective, on how they’d appreciate my love for them though,

  2. Yet on the positive side of this post: you could just end up being with someone who makes you forget about all those past relationships and why they didn’t last.some people were meant to be in your life. then there are those that are just passing through.

  3. It’s easy to feel this way, especially if it’s your first time. However, we all fall “in love” several times in our life time, each brings us new and better understanding of love. Don’t give up…it only gets better.

  4. until you found the one that might be the right one and that you know will be a lot better than the previous and that you’ll want to risk another heartbreak for. When it works, everything is worth it

  5. Love is what you make of it, how much you give it, how consistent you are with it, how sincere you are to your love…you sow what you reap…give it all with a big heart…& you soon learn she’s yours forever…

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